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It's All About Me - TINA SMITH-BROWN

As a creative soul, I've always had a love for storytelling. Whether it's through writing, design or art, I strive to bring stories to life in the most beautiful and compelling way possible. As a Writer, Workshop Facilitator, and Graphic Artist, I help people share their stories in unique and authentic ways. From designing logos and brand materials to developing workshop materials, I love to help individuals and businesses find their voice and create something truly remarkable.

I am a graduate of the University of Denver’s Master of Fine Art Program, have a  Bachelor's Degree from Temple University’s Journalism Program, and an Associate's Degree from the Art Institute’s Multimedia and Web Design Program., I am a lover and supporter of community art, and enjoyed serving on several non-profit boards.   I released my independently published fiction novel, Fish and Grits, in 2010. It was released in 2020.  I am a recipient of a Pennsylvania Council of the Arts Fellowship for non-fiction and was granted two Leeway Foundation Art and Change Awards. 

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